TOPSwitch Family


TOPSwitch-JX is an integrated family of power conversion ICs incorporating a 725 V power MOSFET for use in flyback power supplies. Its multi-mode control algorithm maximizes power efficiency across the entire load range. High efficiency at full power minimizes power waste and reduces the complexity and expense of thermal management on the system.

TOPSwitch-HX features multi-mode operation with linear frequency reduction to 30 kHz (@ 132 kHz) and multi-cycle modulation (assuring virtually no audible noise), Output Overvoltage Protection (OVP), improved Line Feed-Forward with Duty Cycle Reduction, and I2f Trimming.

Product Power Range Description Package Applications
TOPSwitch-JX 21-177 W Integrated Off-Line Switcher for Highly Efficient and Lower Standby Power Supplies eSIP-7C
LCD Monitor, LCD TV main or standby, adapters, set-top boxes, audio amplifers, video games, printers
TOPSwitch-HX 9-177 W Integrated Off-Line Switcher with Advanced Feature Set and Extended Power Range eSIP-7C
LCD TV main or standby, LCD monitors, personal computers, small servers, laptop adapters, set-top boxes, printers, DVD players and recorders, UPS, video Games, broadband Modems, cellular phone adapters, audio amplifiers