SENZero™ Family

SENZero is a single-chip, integrated solution that enables power supply systems to comply with stringent no-load and standby power requirements (e.g., EuP Lot 6 or 7, and other efficiency standards). This device eliminates unnecessary power losses in the signal paths/channels between high-voltage rails and power supply controllers of power factor correction (PFC) and DC/DC converters. Examples include feed-forward or feedback signal paths connected to boost controllers in PFC systems and feed-forward signal paths in two-switch-forward / LLC / half- and full-bridge converters.

Two product versions are available to fit the needs of various circuits: SEN012 for two channels and SEN013 for three channels. Device operation involves the internal gate drive and protection circuitry providing gate drive signals to the internal 650 V MOSFETs in response to the input voltage to the VCC pin. This simple configuration provides easy integration into existing systems by using the system VCC rail as input to the SENZero device.