Frequently Asked Questions - Lead-Free Information

lead free

Lead-free packages offered by Power Integrations feature lead-free solder finish using 100% matte tin (Sn). The lead-free packages meet the requirements of the European law on the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS), which mandates the removal of lead and other hazardous substances cited in the directive. All lead-free products have passed qualification testing for moisture sensitivity, solderability, and whisker growth. The lead-free surface mount products also comply with the joint IPC/JEDEC industry standard on reflow solderability (J-STD-020C).

Products with a lead-free finish are designated by an N-suffix to the package type in the order number and are available at no additional cost. Lead-free finish packages are PN (DIP-8), FN (TO-262), YN (TO-220), and GN (SMD-8).

* Note: Products are designated as Lead (Pb)-Free if they meet the following definition: "Components in which the lead (Pb) level in any of the homogeneous materials and the end product is less than 0.1% by weight."

Lead-Free FAQs

Why does Power Integrations (PI) offer lead-free products?

Power Integrations is committed to providing environmentally sound solutions. Legislative mandates and market demand are restricting the use of lead (Pb) in semiconductor products. Lead has come under scrutiny because of the potential hazardous effects from lead-poisoning.

Are PI's lead-free components compliant with the RoHS directive?


What lead-free products are available?

PI’s Y, P, G, and F packages are all RoHS-compliant and lead-free.

How do I get lead-free samples?

To request lead-free samples, please contact your local sales representative. Ordering information can be found in most PI data sheets or refer to IC Part Ordering Information.

What is being used in place of lead (Pb) in plating of the external leads?

100% matte tin (Sn).

Are there any other differences between the Lead-free and non-lead-free products?

No. The only difference is the use of matte tin (Sn) instead of lead (Pb).

How do you identify Power Integrations lead-free products?

Lead-free product part numbers have an N-suffix at the end of the package designation letter (PN, GN, FN, or YN).

Will lead-free products solder in a standard solder process? (Are lead-free products backwards compatible?)

Yes, for wave soldering of Y, P and F packages, and re-flow soldering of G packages. Lead-free products are backwards compatible and may be used in a leaded-process.

Where can I find the wave solder and reflow profiles?

Wave solder and reflow profiles can be found in the Package Section of the Power Integrations Databook or downloaded here.

Have the lead-free products passed whisker evaluation testing?

Yes. For a detailed report, please contact your local sales representative.