LinkZero Family


LinkZero-LP is a zero no-load consumption, integrated offline switcher IC for 3 W chargers and adapters that automatically detects output conditions and enters zero input power mode when the load is disconnected. When the load is reconnected, LinkZero-LP automatically restarts regulation. LinkZero-LP achieves this remarkable performance without the use of a mechanical switch or additional circuitry, resulting in a very simple retrofit to ensure that products consume 0.00 W in no-Load . The 100 kHz operating frequency also minimizes charger size, and frequency jittering greatly reduces the cost of EMI filtering.

LinkZero-AX enables designers to achieve 0.00 watts of standby energy consumption in auxiliary power supplies. LinkZero-AX features an innovative power-down mode that effectively turns off the auxiliary power supply when the end product is idle. Power-down mode is triggered by a signal accessible to a microcontroller, completely shutting down switch-mode operation and internal switch control circuits, eliminating wasted energy. However, while in power-down mode, the LinkZero-AX stays alive, allowing the IC to be awakened with a reset pulse or button press.

Product Power Range Description Package Applications
LinkZero-LP 3 W Zero No-load Offline Switcher SO-8C Chargers for cell/cordless phones, PDAs, power tools, MP3/portable audio devices, shavers, etc.
LinkZero-AX 3-6.5 W Offline Switching IC that Enables 0.00 W of Standby SMD-8C
Ultra low consumption standby and auxiliary supplies.