LinkSwitch Family


LinkSwitch-II dramatically simplifies low power CV/CC charger designs by eliminating an optocoupler and secondary control circuitry. The device introduces a control technique to provide tight output voltage and current regulation, compensating for transformer and internal parameter tolerances and input voltage variations.


LinkSwitch-PH – simplifies offline LED designs requiring flicker-free dimming, high power factor, and high efficiency. LinkSwitch-PH also introduces a control technique that provides active power factor correction, accurate constant current output and primary side control.


LinkSwitch-PL enables small and low cost dimmable, single-stage, power factor corrected, constant current offline LED drivers. LinkSwitch-PL is optimized for non-isolated systems, operates over a wide input voltage range and delivers output power up to 16 W.


LinkSwitch-HP incorporates a primary side regulated (PSR) controller and high-voltage power MOSFET in a single package. The IC family includes devices optimized for constant voltage (CV) operation at power ranges from 9W to 90 W.

Product Power Range Description Package Applications
LinkSwitch-HP 9-90 W Energy Efficient, High-Power Off-Line Switcher with Accurate Primary-Side Regulation (PSR) eSIP-7C
Notebook adapters, LCD Monitors, LCD TVs, Industrial Controls, DVD Players, Set Top Boxes
LinkSwitch-II 2.5-6.1 W CV Switcher with CC Control
for Adapters and Chargers
Chargers for cell/cordless phones, PDAs, MP3/portable audio devices, adapters, etc
LinkSwitch-PH 2.5-50 W Single-Stage PFC, Primary-Side CC Control and Dimming/Non-Dimming Options eSIP-7C
LED Lighting
LinkSwitch-PL 1.5-16 W LED Driver with Dimming, Single-Stage PFC and CC Control for Non-Isolated Applications SO-8C
LED Lighting
LinkSwitch-CV 5-10 W Energy-Eficient, Off-line Switcher with Accurate Primary-side Constant-Voltage (CV) Control SO-8C
DVD/STB adapters, standby and auxiliary supplies, home appliances, consumer electronics, industrial controls
LinkSwitch-LP 1.9-3 W Energy Efficient Off-Line Switcher IC for Linear Transformer Replacement DIP-8B
Chargers for cell/cordless phones, PDAs, power tools, MP3/portable audio devices, shavers, standby and auxiliary supplies
LinkSwitch-TN 63-360 mA Low Component Count, Energy-Efficient Off-Line Switcher IC DIP-8B
Linear/passive dropper replacement, home appliances, industrial controls, utility meters, LED lighting, timers
LinkSwitch-XT 2.8-6 W Energy Efficient, Low Power
Off-Line Switcher IC
Chargers/adapters for cell/cordless phones, PDAs, digital cameras, MP3/portable audio players, shavers, appliances, industrial systems, and metering