Continuous Mode PFC & LLC Controller with Integrated Half Bridge Drivers

HiperPLC™ is a combined PFC and LLC off-line controller with an integrated hi-side/lo-side high voltage half bridge driver. The PFC section of the HiperPLC supports a universal input, continuous-current mode (CCM) topology that does not require a sinusoidal input reference.

The DC-DC controller supports an LLC resonant topology. This variable frequency controller provides high efficiency by switching the power MOSFETs at zero voltage, eliminating most switching losses. The LLC controller is built around a current controlled oscillator with a control range selected to support the frequency of operation found in LCD TV.

Key Features

  • Proprietary continuous conduction mode PFC, high efficiency with low component costs
  • Frequency and phase synchronized PFC and LLC for reduced noise and EMI
    • Ripple current reduction in PFC output capacitor
    • Edge collision avoidance technology reduces noise sensitivity
  • High efficiency Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS) LLC
  • Configurable, precise dead time control and frequency limits
    • Prevents hard MOSFET switching and helps optimize design
  • Comprehensive PFC and LLC fault handling and current limiting
  • Highly integrated, eliminates external components


  • 32” to 60” LCD TV and monitor display power supplies
  • 150 W to 600 W high efficiency off-line power supplies

hplc schematic thumbnail
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Product Documents
Application Note an46.pdf
Data Sheet hiper_family_datasheet.pdf

Reference Designs
RDR-189 HiperPLC Reference Design Report
DER-212 HiperPLC LED Lighting Design Example