Integrated LLC Controller, High-Voltage Power MOSFETs and Drivers
Typical Application Circuit – LCD TV and PC Main Power Supply


The HiperLCS IC is an integrated LLC power stage incorporating a multi-function controller, high-side and low-side gate drivers, plus two power MOSFETs in a half-bridge configuration. Figure 1 (above) shows a simplified schematic of a HiperLCS based power stage where the LLC resonant inductor is integrated into the transformer.

Product Highlights


  • LLC half-bridge power stage incorporating controller, high and low-side gate drives, and high-voltage power MOSFETs
    • Eliminates up to 30 external components
    • Reduces assembly cost and reduces PCB layout loop areas
  • High maximum operating frequency of 1 MHz
    • Dramatically reduces magnetics size and allows use of SMD ceramic output capacitors
  • Comprehensive fault handling and current limiting
    • Programmable brown-in/out thresholds and hysteresis
    • Undervoltage (UV) and overvoltage (OV) protection
    • Programmable over-current protection (OCP)
    • Short-circuit protection (SCP)
    • Over-temperature protection (OTP)
  • Programmable dead-time for optimized design and improved efficiency
  • Programmable burst mode maintains regulation at no-load and improves light load efficiency
  • Programmable soft-start time and delay before soft-start
  • Single package designed for high-power and high-frequency
    • Simple clip attachment to heat sink
    • Exposed thermal pad connected to ground potential – no insulators required between package and heat sink
    • Staggered pin arrangement for simple PC board routing and high-voltage creepage requirements
  • Paired with HiperPFS PFC product gives complete, high efficiency, low part count PSU solutions


  • High-efficiency power supplies (80 PLUS Silver, Gold and Platinum)
  • LCD TV power supplies
  • LED street and area lighting
  • Printer power supplies
  • Audio amplifiers

Output Power Table
PRODUCT1 Maximum Practical Power2
LCS700HG/LG 110 W
LCS701HG/LG 170 W
LCS702HG/LG 220 W
LCS703HG/LG 275 W
LCS705HG 350 W
LCS708HG 440 W
Table 1. Output Power Table.


  1. Packages: H: eSIP-16J, L: eSIP-16K
  2. Maximum practical power is the power the part can deliver when properly mounted to a heat sink and a maximum heat sink temperature of 90 °C.

Product Documents
Application Notean55.pdf
Package Informationpackageinfo.pdf
Data Sheethiperlcs_family_datasheet.pdf

Reference Designs
RDR-382 150 W Power Factor Corrected LLC Power Supply
DER-385 255 W 80 PLUS Platinum PC Power Supply
RDR-292 150 W Power Factor Corrected LLC Power Supply for LED Street Lighting
RDK-239 Reference Design Kit* (RDK) for a 150 W LLC High-Voltage DC-DC Resonant Converter
DER-270 Design Example Report (DER) for a 125 W LLC DC-DC Converter
DER-282 Design Example Report (DER) for 100 W, Low Profile (11 mm), LLC DC-DC Converter

*RDKs include a working power supply, sample devices, unpopulated pcb, data sheet, comprehensive engineering report, PI Expert design software and other related documentation.