Hiper™ Family

The Hiper family of highly integrated, high efficiency, high power ICs is Power Integrations' newest line of products.

HiperLCS is an integrated LLC power stage incorporating a multi-function controller, high-side and low-side gate drivers, plus two power MOSFETs in a half-bridge configuration. It is ideal for applications such as LCD TVs, printers, audio amplifiers, and LED streetlights.
  HiperPFS-2 offers an even higher level of silicon integration with better performance. Further component count reduction is achieved by offering the PFC controller, Mosfet, Diode, and protection in one package.

  HiperTFS-2 is for consumer, computer, and industrial power supply designs requiring main power from 148 W to 586 W. HiperTFS-2 is ideal for high power applications that require both a main power converter (two-switch forward) and a standby converter (flyback).

Product Power Range Description Package Applications
HiperLCS 110-440 W Half Bridge Resonant Switch eSIP-16C LCD TV, LED Streetlight, Printers, Audio Amps
HiperPFS 85-388 W1
255-900 W2
Power Factor Switch eSIP-7G PFC Converter, PC, Printer, LCD TV, Video Game, High Power
HiperPFS-2 110-425 W PFC Controller + MOSFET and Diode eSIP-16 PFC Converter, PC, Printer, LCD TV, Video Game, LED Streetlight, High Power
HiperTFS-2 148-586 W3 Two-switch Forward Switch eSIP-16F PC, LCD TV, Video game, High Power
  1. 90 VAC
  2. 180 VAC
  3. Two-Switched Forward 380 V