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ENERGY STAR Addresses Logo Abuse

In this week's blog, Mr. Green discusses recent incidents of manufacturer abuse of the ENERGY STAR label and what the Department of Energy is doing to address the problem.

Read Mr. Green's blog in the Green Room.

CAPZero ICs Automatically and Safely Discharge X Capacitors, Eliminating Losses in Power-Supply EMI Filters

Power Integrations today launched CAPZero™, a family of innovative, two-terminal, automatic X capacitor discharge ICs that eliminate power losses while allowing power supplies to comply with safety standards. CAPZero acts as a smart high-voltage switch when placed in series with discharge resistors. When AC voltage is applied, CAPZero blocks current flow in the X capacitor safety discharge resistors, reducing the power wasted in these components to zero at 230 VAC.

New High Efficiency 20 W Power Supply Design for PC Standby

PI has recently added DER-247 to its Design Examples page. This 20 W PC Standby power supply features the new TOPSwitch-JX.

DER-247 includes highly energy efficient features such as:

ENERGY STAR Revises Battery Charging Systems Spec

In this week's blog, Mr. Green discusses ENERGY STAR's plans to revise its five year-old battery charging systems spec. Changes under consideration include expanding the types of products the spec covers and harmonizing the spec with those of other standards agencies.

To get all the information, visit the Green Room.

FTC Unveils Energy Use Label for Televisions

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently proposed it's plan to require energy use labels on television sets. The new labels will show a product's yearly energy costs and how it compares to similar models.

To get the full story on the FTC television label, read Mr. Green's blog.

New Design Engineering Report for LCD Monitor Supply

PI has released a new design engineering report (DER-235) for a 27 W power supply for an LCD Monitor using TOPSwitch-JX (TOP266EG).

DER-235 features include:

South Korea Gets Proactive on LED Lighting

A major effort is being started in South Korea to switch the country over to solid-state lighting. Read about the new program's requirements and incentives in the Green Room.

Avnet Abacus Adds Power Integrations’ Product Portfolio

Avnet Abacus has recently signed a distribution agreement with Power Integrations to represent PI’s complete portfolio of devices across the whole of Europe.

To learn more, read the Avnet Abacus press release.

New TOPSwitch-JX Design Kit from PI Speeds Time-to-Market

Power Integrations has released RDK-242 for a 30 W general purpose power supply that uses our latest TOPSwitch-JX Family.

The design kit includes:

  • Two samples of each part
  • A fully functional reference board
  • An unpopulated circuit board
  • Complete documentation (Design Report, Product Data Sheet and Application Note)
  • PI Expert design software

To learn more about RDK-242, visit our Reference Design Kits page.

To order a copy now, visit our Samples Store.

Mr. Green Reflects on a Brilliant Career

This week Mr. Green discusses the contributions made by Arthur Rosenfeld to the science of energy efficiency. To learn more about Dr. Rosenfeld's career, read the blog "Honoring an Energy Efficiency Giant."