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ENERGY STAR Set-top Box Spec (4.1) Published

In this week's blog, Mr. Green examines the new ENERGY STAR Set-Top Box Spec (Version 4.1). To learn what's new in the spec and when it will take effect, visit the Green Room.

New Working Plan Takes Shape at the European Commission

In this week's blog, Mr. Green discusses developments at the European Commission to establish the next Working Plan for energy-using and energy-related products. To get the details, visit the Green Room.

New Dimmable High-Line LED Design Using PI's LYTSwitch-4

PI has recently published a Design Example Report (DER) for a dimmable high-line LED lamp. This design incorporates PI's new series of LYTSwitch-4 high-line ICs.

DER-395 is a 14.5 W non-isolated tapped-buck design for a PAR30 LED driver. It works with a wide selection of TRIAC dimmers, has a fast start-up time (<200 ms), and is highly efficient (>86% at 230 VAC).

DER-395 also includes the following features:

New Round of Efficiency Regulations Coming for California

In this week's blog, Mr. Green takes a look at efficiency regulation changes that are on the horizon for California. To learn what products are being considered and the time table for action, visit the Green Room.

PI Publishes Two New Product Selector Guides

Power Integrations has just added two Product Selector Guides (PSGs) to its library. PSGs provide a complete list of all available products for specific applications. Each PSG includes a list of features and benefits, and application schematics.

The new PSG for LED Tube and Ballast Designs features recommended parts from the following product families:

Power Integrations Announces 'Ultimate in Standby Performance'

Power Integrations today announced a new reference design for an 8 W, universal-input auxiliary power supply that achieves zero standby power consumption for appliance applications. Based on a member of Power Integrations’ LinkZero™-LP family of ICs, DER-417 describes a universal-input, 5 V, 1600 mA flyback power supply that consumes less than 4 mW at 230 VAC and provides 1 mW of power in standby mode.

ENERGY STAR Display Spec is Being Revised

In this week's blog, Mr. Green takes a look at what's on the table in the upcoming revision top the ENERGY STAR Display spec. Screen size, networking capability, and touch features are all being discussed. To get the details, visit the Green Room.

EPA Postpones End Date for Battery Charger Efficiency Program

The U.S. Environmental protection Agency (EPA) announced in February that they will be postponing the "sunsetting" of their Battery Charger System (BCS) efficiency program until the end of 2014. To learn the reasons for the EPA's decision and what's ahead for BCS efficiency, read Mr. Green's latest blog.

Power Integrations Wins Patent Case Against Fairchild

Power Integrations today announced a verdict in one of its ongoing patent infringement lawsuits against Fairchild Semiconductor. After a month-long trial in federal district court in San Francisco, a jury found yesterday that Fairchild willfully infringed two of Power Integrations' patents, and awarded Power Integrations damages of $105 million.

New Video on Building Power Supplies with TOPSwitch and TinySwitch

Building verses buying a power supply saves money, but also ensures you're getting exactly what you need for your application. To help engineers understand these and other advantages, PI has just produced a new demo on building your own power supply with PI's TOPSwitch and TinySwitch ICs.

Included in the video are: