EC IPP Mobile Device Charger (5-Star) Rating

The European Commission's Integrated Product Policy (IPP) program and the world's top five cellphone makers have introduced a voluntary energy rating system for mobile device chargers, making it easier for consumers to determine which ones use the least energy. This rating system covers all chargers currently sold by Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and LG Electronics, and ranges from five stars for the most efficient chargers down to zero stars for the units consuming the most energy.

Star ratings are based on the no-load consumption of the power supply. Specifications for the rating system are as follows:

Rating No-Load Power Consumption
StarStarStarStarStar  ≤ 0.03W
StarStarStarStar  > 0.03W to 0.15W
StarStarStar  > 0.15W to 0.25W
StarStar  > 0.25W to 0.35W
Star  > 0.35W to 0.5W
No Stars  > 0.5W

PI's LinkSwitch-II family of power management ICs enables cell phone charger manufacturers to achieve recently announced 5 Star Rating for no-load performance LinkSwitch-II enables designers to slash component count and eliminate lossy components such as the sense resistor. Power Integrations is pleased to offer the following designs that meets the five or four star requirement.

StarStarStarStarStar Five Star Designs

DesignProduct FamilyDeviceWattsInputOutputMax No Load (mW)
RDR-158LinkSwitch-IILNK616PG5Universal5 V/1 A<30

StarStarStarStar Four Star Designs

DesignProduct FamilyDeviceWattsInputOutputMax No Load (mW)
DI-132LinkSwitch-LPLNK564DN1.75Universal5 V/350 mA<100
DI-159 LinkSwitch-II LNK613DG 2.4 Universal 8 V/300 mA 60
DI-157 LinkSwitch-II LNK613DG 2.75 Universal 5 V/550 mA 32
DI-113TinySwitch-IIITNY274PN5Universal5 V/2 A<100
DI-91TinySwitch-IIILNK278PN12Universal12 V/1 A130
DI-117TinySwitch-IIITNY279PN15Universal12 V/1.25 A<100

For more information visit the European Commission IPP mobile phone project page ( or one of the manufacturer's sites:

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  Motorola –
  Nokia –
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