Energy Efficiency Programs for Televisions and Combo Units

Televisions and Combination Units
PROGRAM link Country Efficiency Specs
Energy Star US + Int'l partners Maximum On-Mode power levels.
View version 4 (current).
View version 5 (effective September 2011).
View version 6 (effective summer 2012).
1 W standby
California Energy Commission California (US)
Maximum On-Mode power levels. View details (See page 160).
1 W standby
1 Watt Executive Order US
1 W standby
EC Ecodesign Directive European Union Current Criteria
EC Eco-Label European Union, Norway, Liechtenstein, and Iceland Current Criteria
Nordic Ecolabel Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Sweden 1 W standby
Blue Angel Germany 4 W standby
Energy Saving Korea 3 W standby
Top Runner Japan
CECP China 3 W standby
Note: Please refer to individual program specifications for latest requirements.