Set-Top Boxes

Set-top BoxesIn July 2007, the International Energy Agency held a set-top box energy efficiency workshop attended by roughly 100 participants from 15 countries. The IEA estimated that without government policy intervention, electricity consumption from set-top boxes would rise considerably in most countries, with a global demand of 400 TWh per year by 2030.

PROGRAM Region Specifications
Energy Star US + Int'l Partners Simple Set-top Boxes (DTA)
≤8 W active on, ≤2 W standby

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Complex Set-top Boxes
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Version 4.1 Final Draft

U.S. Voluntary STB
Efficiency Agreement

EU Code of Conduct EU Please see the European Code of Conduct page for current requirements.

Ecodesign Voluntary STB Efficiency Agreement


Note: Please refer to individual program specifications for latest standby requirements.