DVD Players/Recorders


Americans spend more money to power DVD players when turned off than when actually in use. If all DVD sales carried the ENERGY STAR, it would mean 6 billion pounds less air pollution -- the same as taking 75,000 cars off the road. [Source: EPA, 2004].

PROGRAM link Country MAX Standby
CEC US - CA only View spec
ENERGY STAR* US + Intl partners Current specifications
EC EuP Ecodesign Directive European Union View standard
Jan. 1, 2010: Standby only - 1 W/2 W
Jan. 1, 2013: Standby only - 0.5 W/1 W
1 Watt Executive Order US 1 W

Note: Please refer to individual program specifications for latest standby requirements.

*The ENERGY STAR version 2 spec includes both audio and video products.