European Commission ErP Ecodesign Directive


The European Commission's Ecodesign Directive (2005/32/EC) aims at reducing the environmental impact of energy-related products* (ErPs), including the energy consumption throughout their entire life cycle. The Directive establishes a framework for setting Ecodesign requirements (such as energy efficiency requirements) for all ErPs in the residential, tertiary and industrial sectors.

* Formerly Energy Using Products (EuPs).

Countries: European Union
Type: Mandatory
Links: EC ErP Ecodesign Directive
EC ErP Ecodesign Working Plan
2015-2017 EC ErP Ecodesign Working Plan (Draft Task 1 Report)
2014 "Omnibus" Review Study

Ecodesign Directive standards currently "in force" **

** Passed by the European Parliament

Ecodesign Directive Working Documents (Used for developing Lot efficiency standards) and Draft Commission Proposals (used for voting on standards)

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