Frequently Asked Questions - Investors

What year was POWI founded?
Power Integrations, Inc. was founded in 1988.
What are the details of POWI's initial public offering?
The offering took place on December 12, 1997. The company sold 4,000,000 shares at a price of $8.00 per share. (The stock split 2-for-1 in 1999, so in today's terms the IPO price equates to $4.00 per share.)
Can I purchase POWI stock directly from the company?
No, Power Integrations does not offer a direct-purchase program.
Does POWI pay a dividend?
No, POWI does not currently pay a dividend, nor has it paid dividends in the past.
Has your stock ever split?
Yes, the stock split 2-for-1 in 1999.
When is POWI's fiscal year end?
POWI's fiscal year ends December 31.
How many shares of POWI stock are outstanding?
As of December 31, 2007, there were 30.1 million shares issued and outstanding. Weighted average diluted shares for the fourth quarter of 2007 were 32.3 million.
Who is POWI's transfer agent?

Computer Share

P.O. Box 43023

Providence, RI 02940-3078

Shareholder Services phone number: (781) 575-2879

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